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Painting Guidelines

House Exterior Painting

To reflect changing trends an updated colour scheme for homes in Central Parklands is available providing additional options for repainting.  Houses can be repainted in the original colour scheme however any colour changes require Body Corporate Committee approval.   Please include details of colour changes and provide existing base colour of the house.

Please submit requests through the BC Systems form.

Updated Colour Selection

  1. For each existing house colour there are two accent colour schemes, with detail where each of the trim colours can be used in the scheme. It is also possible to mix and match colours between the two schemes. There are also several new main house colours available as identified within each colour scheme.

  2. As some of the existing basic house colours are somewhat similar eg. “Cotton Touch”, “Beige Chalk” and “Athena” it may also be possible to interchange the colour schemes between them.

  3. It is possible to retain one or more existing accent colour and substitute new scheme colours for the other accent sections.

  4. The Western Red colour on fences can be changed to either Woodland Grey or Black as long as any other trim such as slats or shutters are matched.

  5. Homes which are next door to each other cannot have matching trim colours.  Where basic neighbouring house colours are the same alternate trim colour scheme from the colour scheme can be used.



Driveways can be painted instead of re-stencilled and there are some excellent products available to ensure durability. Information on a suggested brand which has both a smooth paint finish and a textured finish for driveways with an incline is available. There are several colour choices available for each house colour although it is possible to choose a colour from the set assigned to a different similar base colour.

Driveways can be repainted or re-stencilled in the original colour however any colour changes require  Body Corporate Committee approval. Please submit requests through the BC Systems form.

Image by David Pisnoy
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